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Cleaner of lots of self-mobile OVS-25
  • Cleaner of lots of self-mobile OVS-25

Cleaner of lots of self-mobile OVS-25

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OVS-25 — the magnificent self-mobile zernoochistitelny car with a productivity of 25 t/h for your economy.

The cleaner of lots of self-mobile OVS-25 with a productivity of 25 t/h is intended for cleaning of the grain lots of grains, krupyany, leguminous cultures, corn, a sorghum, sunflower, colza seeds arriving from the field of impurity on open currents in all agricultural zones of the country. Purification of grain is made as an adjustable air stream, and on sieves that allows to receive higher quality of cleaning grain than in separators of the famous producers.

OVS-25 also makes preliminary cleaning of seeds of sugar beet and a castor-bean tree on special devices. The car can be used for shoveling of grain in burta up to 4,5 m wide.

  • OVS-25 is the self-propelled, but not stationary zernoochistitelny car and does not demand additional expenses on introduction it in operation (constructions of MANAGERS, noriya, solutions of problems with loading of grain in the zernoochistitelny car, removal of the food and fodder grain purified on fractions etc.).
  • OVS-25 is the mobile zernoochistitelny car and can be easily transported on other current, a grain store or in general in other economy. It is especially actual for farms at which it is several grain flows or grain stores as use of OVS-25 allows to save huge money on construction of several MANAGERS or purchase of other stationary zernoochistitelny cars.
  • Big productivity — 25 t h.
  • High quality of cleaning due to use not only an adjustable air stream (as in separators), but also purifications of grain in OVS-25 also still sieves and brushes.
  • The minimum expenses of the electric power on purification of grain in OVS-25 — 0,38 kW/hour on 1 t.
  • Use of OVS-25 allows to proivodit during purification of grain also its drying.
  • OVS-25 unlike other zernoochistitelny cars can independently without the aid of zernometatel, loaders, noriya, etc. to make loading of grain in a body of the car or the trailer.
  • In use OVS-25 does not demand expensive service.
  • Zernoochistitelny OVS-25 cars are exclusively reliable zernoochistitelny cars, but even in case of breakage of the spare part to OVS-25 it is possible to get everywhere.
  • Buying OVS-25 of production of plant of agricultural cars you receive the inexpensive, reliable and highly effective zernoochistitelny car.

Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2022

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