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Formula-feed plants
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Formula-feed plants

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We project, we build, we complete with the equipment formula-feed plants of varying complexity!

We carry out construction of formula-feed plants of any complexity with productivity from 5 to 30 tons per hour. Their block and modular design, exact weight dispensing, high extent of automation and management with the personal computer belong to strengths of the formula-feed plants built by OOO "Roselevator". At the same time high quality of the granules having the high durability and a small kroshimost is reached.

Turnkey formula-feed plant

For today the formula-feed industry feels enthusiasm in the development. Many large-scale enterprises carry out construction of the formula-feed enterprises in the territory, the large formula-feed plants which went through difficult times increase outputs. Many experts do not agree in opinion on what type of the enterprise nevertheless is better for the industry in general. One believe that prikhozyaystvenny shops are more favorable in view of the narrow orientation on concrete economy or several farms and to production of compound feeds on the compounding developed according to their requirements. Others believe that such almost "handicraft" production does not promote development of branch and cannot provide animal husbandry and poultry farming with qualitative polnoratsionny compound feeds. Anyway, but all experts are uniform in opinion that it is extremely necessary to build new production capacities.

Due to the urgent need our company offers such service as "a turnkey formula-feed plant" which means design and construction of the building of future plant according to the most modern technologies of construction and its full completion by necessary technological lines.

As a rule, the turnkey formula-feed plant includes construction of several buildings and constructions:

  • The production building with bunkers for ready compound feeds, having opportunity to ship them to motor transport. The case of plant is under construction with application of technology of the fast-built metalwork.
  • Storages for grain fodder various capacity
  • The equipment for acceptance of mealy raw materials and grain from railway transport
  • The equipment for shipment of ready raw materials on railway transport
  • Noriyny tower with reception noriya for mealy raw materials and grain
  • Avtomobilepogruzchik
  • The block from several bunkers for waste
  • Elevated platforms
  • Warehouses for storage of raw materials in the loose way
  • The warehouses for storage on a floor of raw materials of a vegetable, animal and mineral origin equipped with stages for acceptance of production with a car - and railway transport.

Certainly, all processes of a modern formula-feed plant are completely automated and are run by the computer which can also connect to other divisions of economy: for example, with the head's computer.

Information is up-to-date: 19.06.2020

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