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Exactly here, grain passes the last of numerous stages of processing in the granary (elevators) and is put on storage. As special conditions for storage of grain serve temperature condition and conditioning. The elevator represents the high-mechanized granary of silage type.

Such granary represents several bunkers which are connected among themselves in the basis by the monolithic or combined concrete base. Granary height usually makes 30 meters, diameter of each of towers is equal to 6 - 7 meters. The building in which there enter preparatory operations and is placed the capital processing and transport equipment, directly connects to the granary.

From reception bunkers, grain is moved by conveyors and conveyors, or vertical elevators (noriiya) on top of the working building where grain is weighed, clear of impurity, dry in zernosushilka and direct on the main conveyor to nadsilosny conveyors which, then, shift grain in silos. Unload grain on subsilage conveyors (they are established in a floor on the subsilage floor) through openings with pipes in the bases of bunkers. Part of bunkers equip with installations for disinfection of grain and active airing. Temperature measurements in the granary are performed thermosuspension brackets which at the different levels remove the indicators, supporting unique storage conditions.

Durability and reliability of the equipment

"Roselevator" realizes systems of steel elevators for grain storage. They are made of the first-class galvanized leaf and are a product of advanced technologies. The external vertical stiffening ribs (supporting vertical racks) can vary on thickness and length depending on capacity. And the capacity of elevators and granaries - very big. The smallest volume is 10 tons, and the biggest reaches 15000 tons. Elevators and granaries which are sold by our company are equipped with special system of active ventilation. There are systems which control temperature in an elevator. System which controls onto loading and unloading of grain.

Advantages of the granary

As the main advantages of elevators in comparison with warehouses it is possible to allocate the next moments:

  • it is full mechanization of operations with grain;
  • reduction of labor input of works on ensuring safety of grain;
  • reduction of losses of grain;
  • increases in period of storage of grain;
  • reduction of the area which is necessary for building;
  • solutions connected with rodents;
  • service life of elevators much more, than warehouses, and expenses on their operation is less.

Information is up-to-date: 24.11.2021

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