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Lots separator universal SVU-60
  • Lots separator universal SVU-60

Lots separator universal SVU-60

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Lots separator universal SVU-60

SVU-60 is intended for preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning of grain lots of grains, krupyany and leguminous cultures, commercial and oil-bearing crops and seeds of herbs. The separator is developed taking into account features of production of grain in Russia on humidity and a contamination, intended for all climatic zones.

SVU-60 is established in the existing units and complexes (MANAGER, KZS type) without essential change of a power design of these constructions.
The optimum combination of amplitude and frequency of fluctuations, tilt angle of reshetny camps and size of an air stream promotes high-quality purification of grain.
The separator of SVU-60 meets requirements of environmental protection and safety measures.

Technical characteristics

Characteristics of a separator of SVU-60

Units of measure


Nominal productivity in 1 hour of the main time on wheat with nature of initial material of 760 g/l, t, not less:

- preliminary cleaning at humidity of 20% with the content of weed impurity of 10%, including solomisty impurity of 1%

t/h 60

- primary cleaning at humidity of 18%, with contents separable pneumoseparation and sieves of grain impurity of 10% and weed 3%

t/h 40

- secondary cleaning at humidity of 16% with the maintenance of withdrawal, separable pneumoseparation and sieves of 5%, including seeds of other plants of 200 pieces/kg, from which seeds of weed plants of 100 pieces/kg

t/h 20
Category of seeds (GOST P 52325)
Number of service personnel mechanic 1
Overall dimensions, no more

length mm 3940
width mm 2310
height mm 3080
The established total power, no more kW 18,7
Weight with a set of working bodies and devices for performance of the main technological operation,
no more
kg 4000
Service life before write-off
(at annual load of 260 h), not less
years 9
Information is up-to-date: 22.09.2021

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