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Photoseparators of Voronezhselmash plan
  • Photoseparators of Voronezhselmash plan

Photoseparators of Voronezhselmash plan

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Photoseparator - the device which is carrying out functions of automatic rejection (office) of a product of grain crops. By means of a photoseparator the fast and qualitative separation of good grains from a sub-standard product and impurity is carried out. The principle of operation of the device is based on scanning by a special chamber of the falling grain stream and detection of sub-standard grains. As a result of the signal received from a chamber the high-speed FESTO ejector which executes rejection function works. Repeated sorting if necessary is provided in the device that allows to minimize losses of qualitative production

The device is equipped with a modern control system with a possibility of control and giving of teams by means of the touch display. In a design of the device effectively operating service mode thanks to which malfunctions of system or a mistake in work are fixed and go to the relevant service of the Voronezhselmash company is introduced. It allows to rectify possible faults of system of the device in the operational mode. The device is capable to function in various operating modes of separation of grain production. More than ten algorithms of work are put in system of the device.

The grain stream is scanned by linear video cameras, and the signal from chambers is processed by the high-speed module constructed on a platform of the modern microprocessor with two kernels. Scanning of each separate grain is carried out ten-fifteen cycles. As result: even the most insignificant differences from a reference sample instantly are found. In a design of the device LED illumination of working area, multi-colored, infrared can be used. Existence of light-emitting diodes provides uniform illumination of a stream, the minimum consumption of electric energy, essential increase in service life. Multi-colored lighters allow to make process of separation by more effective. In the ocheredyinfrakrasny illumination does possible to execute separation of high complexity.

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