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Separator zernoochistitelny INTEH K150
  • Separator zernoochistitelny INTEH K150

Separator zernoochistitelny INTEH K150

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Advantages of a separator of zernoochistitelny INTEH K150

Big productivity is provided with division of grain weight into 2 and 3 parallel streams of grain according to the top and lower reshetny cases.

High quality (85%) of purification of grain is reached:
- double air cleaning;
- consecutive passing of two reshetny cases; - regulation of an inclination of sieves;
- optimum back and forth motion of sieves;
- thin adjustment in the wide range of values: giving of a product by means of the frequency regulator, speed of an air stream on an entrance and an exit of grain from a separator, a tilt angle of sieves.

Separator operating mode
The separator due to change of a tilt angle of sieves and adjustment of supply of grain has a possibility of work in three modes:
- Preliminary cleaning
- Primary (elevator) cleaning
- Seed mode

Ball cleaning of sieves
- Cleaning of sieves is carried out by rubber balls from special material which composition guarantees their work at low temperatures and in contact with oil-bearing crops.

Ideally balanced drive of the movement of reshetny cases
The original design of a separator allowed to counterbalance progressively moving reshetny cases ideally. As a result such vibration car as a separator practically does not transfer sign-variable loads of supporting frameworks. Dynamic loading horizontal Ph=516N and vertical Pb=2320N with a frequency of 4,8 Hz. It allows to mount a separator even on the weakest bases.



1. Productivity technical on preliminary cleaning, t/h

Wheat in kind of 750 g/l humidity to 15% and a contamination to 5% humidity to 20% and a contamination to 10% Sunflower humidity to 20% and a contamination to 10% Corn humidity to 20% and a contamination to 5% Colza humidity to 15% and a contamination to 10% Productivity in the seed Wheat mode

Barley brewing Colza






20 25 20

2. Efficiency of cleaning of separable weed impurity, % 85
3. Rated capacity, kW including: the electric motor of the drive of sitovy cases of the giving device 2,75



4. Number of reshetny cases 2
5. Total area of sieves, sq.m, including top sitovy case of the lower sitovy case 15 6 9
6. Air consumption on cleaning of light impurity and aspiration, m3/h 15 000
7. Aerodynamic resistance. Pas, no more 200
8. Overall dimensions, mm, no more




3 625 1 960 3 230
9. Weight, kg. no more 3 035
10. Dynamic loading (4,8 Hz) of Rn-± 516N and Pv-±2320N
Information is up-to-date: 22.09.2021

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