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SVT-30 separator
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SVT-30 separator

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SVT-30 is intended for primary (commodity) cleaning of grain lots of grains, krupyany and leguminous cultures, commercial and oil-bearing crops and seeds of herbs of light, large and small weed and grain impurity, separable by an air stream and sieves, for the purpose of finishing content of impurity in the made grain to basic standards.

The separator can be used also for preliminary cleaning of the grain lots arriving from combines or other molotilny devices above the specified cultures from light, large and small weed impurity, separable by an air stream and sieves, for the purpose of the best preservation of seeds and grain, preparation them to drying and active aeration, increases of efficiency of the subsequent cleaning.

The separator is established to technological lines of postharvest processing of seeds and grain (zernoochistitelny units and zernoochistitelno-drying complexes), and also in warehouse as a part of special lines in all agricultural zones.

Characteristics of a separator of SVT-30

Nominal productivity in 1 hour of the main time on wheat with nature of initial material 760gl, t, not less:

- preliminary cleaning at humidity of 20% with the content of weed impurity of 10%, including straw impurity of 1%


- primary cleaning at humidity of 18%, with contents separable pneumoseparation and sieves of grain impurity of 10% and weed 3%

Service personnel
1 (mechanics)
Weight with a set of working bodies and devices for performance of the main technological operation, not Bol
3000 kg
Weight with a complete set of replaceable working bodies and devices, no more
3300 kg
The established total power, no more
Overall dimensions in working situation:

3880 mm
1905 mm
2810 mm
Service life before write-off (at an annual operating time of 260 h), not less
9 years

Information is up-to-date: 24.11.2021

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