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The aerodynamic separating cars DIAMOND
  • The aerodynamic separating cars DIAMOND

The aerodynamic separating cars DIAMOND

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Aerodynamic laws and the principles of jet equipment are put in a basis of the new way of separation used in the Diamond car. Initial bulk is effectively divided in a grain separator on specific weight. The Diamond car is functionally capable to replace at the same time three-four mechanisms mounted to one technological line. For only one pass the device clears seeds and with high precision divides them in independent fractions on specific weight. In total five fractions turn out. In the first there are such heavy impurity, kaksklerotion and stones, in the second and third grain with the maximum specific weight, and gets to the fourth and fifth - with the smallest.

This car processes practically all bulks and grain crops otmelkosemyanny (colza, poppy, a lucerne) to such as barley, oats, wheat, peas, corn and others.

Advantages of the Diamond car

  1. Does not break integrity of grain.
  2. Has the low level of energy consumption. Depending on design productivity this indicator varies from 1,2 to 37,2 kW.
  3. Simplicity of a design guarantees its long work and reliability.
  4. There is no need for preventive maintenance.
  5. Works with initial material of any degree of impurity and humidity.
  6. High-economic in use as does not demand expensive service, long cleaning after each type of seeds, selection of sieves according to a certain culture and their replacement.
  7. The cost of the car pays off during seasonal work.

High-tech tasks which the Diamond car is capable to execute

  1. Division zernosmesy of barley and wheat. For one pass - to sixty percent.
  2. The guaranteed cleaning of seeds of barley, wheat and other cultures of an ovsyug.
  3. Selection of the peas spoiled by a pea zernovka (brukhusy).
  4. Separation of healthy dry corn from rotten.
  5. Subdrying of grain at its separation in an air stream. For pass - to two percent.
  6. Selection from the lump of biologically valuable grain with high degree of viability and efficiency.
  7. Increase of classiness of sowing material due to selection of fodder fraction and bringing grain to standard of commodity.
  8. The car can work at krupyany plants as rassev.
Information is up-to-date: 24.11.2021

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