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Grain is one of the main products of agriculture. From grain the main food are made: flour, grain, bread, macaroni. Therefore one of the most important tasks for agriculture is increase in amount of the grown-up grain. But along with increase in amount of the grown-up grain special attention needs to be paid on improvement of quality of grain.

The solution of a question into the account of improvement of quality of grain directly depends on later harvest processing of grain.

Postharvest processing of grain consists of the following stages:

  • loading and transport works;
  • cleanings;
  • drying;
  • storages;

The stage of cleaning is one of the most important as grain of the main culture can contain many various impurity. For the solution of this problem timely and its full cleaning demands. Purification of grain of various impurity is the process consisting of a large number of stages. But everything depends first of all on the culture which goes for processing. Also depends on physical properties of impurity in grain. Two of these indicators define a way of purification of grain.

Ways of cleaning:

  • for large and small impurity use sitovy separation;
  • for light impurity - aerodynamic influence;
  • for shortened and extended - cellular separation;
  • for metallomagnetic - magnetic separation.

In most cases these ways of purification of grain are shared. Special zernoochistitelny lines are for this purpose made. By means of these lines cleaning of the following cultures is conducted: wheat, rye, barley, peas etc. Such lines consist of the separate independent equipment - it is a skalperator, sitovy a separator and pair of pneumochannels.

Such equipment is realized by the Roelevator company.

"Roelevator" realizes the equipment for the following stages of cleaning:

  • Preliminary;
  • Primary;
  • Secondary and seed;

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Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2022

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