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Zernoochistitelny equipment "Melyinves
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Zernoochistitelny equipment "Melyinves

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Preliminary cleaning with drum skalpelyator

The specialized drum skalperator is applied at purification of grain of big and rough impurity. Most often it can be straw and sornyakovy plants. Such processing allows to protect a harvest from pollution that allows to be sure of process of long-term storage.

Processing and purifications of grain

At a preliminary stage there is a purification of grain of rough foreign impurity: lumps of the earth, weeds, straw, stalks of a grass and grain. Skalpelyator best of all are suitable for the solution of these tasks. It is applied they as a part of technological lines on elevators, mills, krupozavoda, maslotsekha. Is established usually at an initial stage of cleaning, before the main separation. Processing occurs as follows:

  • initial mix moves separately in each section via distributors and reception branch pipes;
  • all this mix arrives on a sorting sieve on which by means of the valve it is distributed by a uniform layer on all its width. The apron reduces a possibility of hit of grain in waste;
  • all large impurity come out a separator on a tray, and grain from the remains of small impurity pass through a sorting sieve arrives on podsevny;
  • small impurity which passed a sorting sieve on the bottom of a body are removed from a separator through a tray;
  • the grain which is completely purified of different impurity comes to a reception box of the pneumoseparating channel and on a vibrotray;
  • after passing of a vibrotray grain is completely purified of all impurity.

Principle of primary cleaning

The stream of grain mix evenly will arrive through a reception branch pipe along reception part of the reshetny cylinder inside on an acceptance tray. Passes through openings, the grain purified of impurity on a final branch pipe which is formed by the case walls located under an inclination to each other. Further, grain moves on the following stage of processing.

Skalperator is established in zernoochistitelny offices of elevators and at the hlebopriyemny enterprises.

The principle of work of a skalperator consists in consecutive purification of grain of rough foreign impurity, straw and stalks.

Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2022

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