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Zernoochistitelny MANAGER units and KZS
  • Zernoochistitelny MANAGER units and KZS

Zernoochistitelny MANAGER units and KZS

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Zernoochistitelny MANAGER units and KZS

"Roselevator" carries out construction new and modernization of the existing the MANAGER, KZS and their modifications with installation of the modern processing equipment allowing to provide high efficiency and quality of cleaning and drying of grain.

Construction MANAGER and KZS "from scratch"

  • Journey height under bunkers to 3,5 meters for loading of cars with high boards.
  • Installation of the travel closed zavalny hole for frontal and lateral unloading of any cars, as the hydraulic discharger, and from a platform (BP-20, BP-40, BP-80).
  • Installation of the zernoochistitelny equipment for all stages of cleaning (primary, secondary, calibration) with a productivity from 25 t/hour (MPO-50, SPO-100, SVU-60, etc.).
  • Systems of a zernotransport with a productivity from 25 t/hour to 200 t/hour.
  • Installation of system of aspiration.
  • Installation of the power supply network and cases of management.
  • Adjustment of work of a complex on all operating modes.
  • Construction of the building the MANAGER is carried out on the prepared platform.

Reconstruction and modernization MANAGER and KZS

Reconstruction and modernization of the zernoochistitelny MANAGER unit and KZS ensures trouble-free operation of a complex and considerably cuts down your expenses on repair and service of equipment. Reconstruction includes replacement of worn-out zernoochistitelny equipment on new, including repair of a metalwork and a roof, rise on the big height of a metalwork the MANAGER, KZS that allows to provide loading of transport of the bigger loading capacity (KAMAZ type).

As a result of reconstruction you receive:

  • The new pure and effectively working complex;
  • Increase in productivity of ZAV-20 up to 50 t/hour, ZAV-40 up to 100 t/h;
  • Increase in efficiency of cleaning after reconstruction;
  • Professional control and adjustment of the zernoochistitelny equipment;
  • Dismantle of the worn-out equipment;
  • Repair of cars and the equipment with wear to 50%;
  • Replacement of the power supply network;
  • Installation of reduktorny drives and electroerection facilities;
  • Replacement of zernoprovod, valves, sectors, consolidations;
  • Repair of noriya and conveyors;
  • Restoration of zavalny holes;
  • Repair of a covering and cleaning of bunkers;
  • System recovery of aeration of bunkers;
  • Re-planning of places of loading and unloading;
  • Optimization of system of a zernotransport.
Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2022

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