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Zernosushilki of the SAG series
  • Zernosushilki of the SAG series

Zernosushilki of the SAG series

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Zernosushilki the SAG series are stationary dryers of a mine look. Dryers of this look are recognized in the world as the most successful from the point of view of productivity and specific energy consumption. In difference from the others zernosushilka of SAG have a number of preferable design features:
  • The highest level of heat insulation guarantees the high level of preservation of heat that in turn allows to save on fuel and to increase efficiency of the grain dryer.
  • Presence of the heat exchanger at the furnace block liquidates contact of furnace gases with drying products, thus, you receive environmentally friendly grain.
  • Existence of system of the aspiration which is included in the basic package of SAG allows to separate weed parts from the fulfilled heat carrier that liquidates dust content of a working zone.
  • The special configuration of the bringing and taking away boxes - over each number of the boxes bringing air is a number of the boxes which are taking away.

Models SAG series zernosushilok

"Roselevator" sells several models a zernosushilok of this series:

  • The dryer SAG-10, it dries about 230 tons of grain a day;
  • Stationary mine dryer SAG-15. This grain dryer allows to process the following grain crops: wheat, rye, buckwheat, rice, barley, corn, etc. In day of this sort the dryer processes about 345 tons;
  • The mine dryer SAG-20 can dry up to 460 tons a day;
  • The stationary universal grain dryer SAG-30 it can process about 690 tons of foodgrain a day.

Comparative table of the SAG models

Capacity 30 m3 40 m3 60 m3 80 m3
Productivity on wheat

- at a moisture sjema from 20% to 14%
- at a moisture sjema from 19% to 15%
10 squares of t/h
15 squares of t/h
15 squares of t/h
20 squares of t/h
20 squares of t/h
30 squares of t/h
30 squares of t/h
40 squares of t/h
Rated capacity 58,5 kW 68,5 kW 71,1 kW 131.2 kW
Consumption of liquid fuel 35-85 kg/h 58-136 kg/h 40-135 kg/h 50-212 kg/h
Consumption of gas fuel 50-86 m3/h 50-140 m3/h 60-172 m3/h 90-260 m3/h
Weight no more 20 t 28 t 35 t 48 t
dlina*shirina*vysota on a noriya
16,2*5,4*10,7 m 16,2*4,8*13 m 16,2*5,2*16,2 m 16,2*8,4*13 m
Service personnel 1 persons. 1 persons. 1 persons. 1 persons.
Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2022

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